Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Beginnings

Before I begin, I have to make an important announcement: McDonalds now has a Rolo McFlurry! Needless to say, I got one on the drive up to Seattle and about passed out due to it’s intoxicating grandness.  If you have the chance, I highly recommend driving to McDonalds in the next 15 minutes to taste it yourselves! You wont regret it.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, I guess I should tell you that I made it to Seattle safely thanks to my awesome nephew.
  The first two nights, we stayed at a church right across the street from the University of Washington.  Such a beautiful campus! During our stay, we had our orientation and even got the chance to bond by touring around Downtown Seattle.  It’s pretty exciting knowing what’s in front of our team, and also what is behind us( and me personally).  I must thank all of you for all your support and prayer in these last few days.  I raised 1000 dollars in a matter of 36 hours just before I left and it overwhelmed me.  God is definitely coming through in powerful ways already.

This morning at church, we talked about Pentecost where the Spirit came upon the Disciples as they were in the upper room after Jesus’ death and resurrection.
  The pastor-leader-person of this particular church talked about how this day brought about change and new beginnings to the disciples who now began to go out with the spirit telling people of the good news!  It really resonated with me, especially on this trip as we take off about this new beginning.  And not just the beginning of the trip, but of my life(and a lot of my friends lives) as we head out into something new.  Remember that the Spirit is with us and uses us and empowers us to tell people about the good news! So wherever we all end up, at least we know one thing we will be doing! And that’s exciting. 

I find myself in Monroe, WA now after our first leg, which was a great moderately challenging first day.  My legs are already sore and burning!  Tomorrow we get the honor of climbing over Steven's Pass.  I’m a little scared.
It's basically a 40 mile uphill journey. It’s going to be a rigorous beginning to the trip.  If you could, definitely pray for our team and me personally as we climb up the mountain range.  I’ll try to keep you updated whenever we have wi-fi.

So far the group seems awesome! We have one guy who is riding the whole way on a high bike! It’s definitely a sight to behold.
   Another couple is celebrating their honeymoon by riding a tandem bicycle! 

An update on my financial situation: I am still down 500 dollars to get to Denver.
  If you would still like to help, follow this link. This is an amazing organization and you are helping out in huge ways to provide homes to those in poverty. 

That's all for now, Talk to ya soon