Monday, June 20, 2011


So it's been almost 4 or 5 days since i last had wi-fi to blog (the school we were at in Idaho had everything blocked, even blogger). So after we left Spokane, we biked through Coeur D'Alene, over 4th of July Pass on the I-90 and then into Wallace Idaho where we spent the weekend. Apparently Wallace is known as the center of the universe and the silver capitol of the world! Crazy stuff. We had our first build day in Kellogg Idaho which was an absolutely awesome experience. I personally helped paint the entire inside of the house but as a group we also gave the house insulation, shingled the shed out back, and dry walled most of the basement. The owner of the house got to come in after work and see the day's progress and was absolutely blown away. On Sunday we got to choose between 4 churches, all of which were either catholic or some form of a small older styled church that was very structured. Needless to say, I spent most of the rest of the day listening to podcasts that I need to catch up on. But all in all, Wallace was a fun town to relax in and give my muscles a break.

Today, we continued on with our second segment into Montana. I now know why it is called God's country. It's pretty fantastic! We had 3 pretty big climbs, the biggest of which being Lookout Pass at 4860 feet, our highest elevation so far. You may be wondering what I do to pass the time on the road. Well, I'll have you know that I went over 809 rumble straps on the stretch of I-90 we were on. It has been a pretty eventful day. Some of our team had numerous flats and ended up hitchhiking down the pass to the first rest stop so that they wouldn't be left behind. It's quite a story but I wouldn't do it justice. And then just recently, about an hour ago, one of our oldest bikers went over his handle bars on the way back from showers. He wasn't wearing a helmet and ended up taking a pretty big blow to the head. He has been taken to the hospital and I hear he might be aired over to Missoula to get Stitches and such. He is doing well but could use a lot of prayer for a quick recovery so that he can begin biking with us again as soon as possible.

We're about to eat dinner so I can't write anymore but I thought you could use a quick update before we lose wi-fi again.

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