Thursday, January 23, 2014

Just keep rolling, Just keep rolling

Hey friends, family, and all other readers of this blog. This inaugurates the beginning of my trip.  In the words of Bilbo Baggins himself, "IM GOING ON AN ADVENTURE!"  And quite similarly to Bilbo, I will be traveling all the way across the country, from the Grey Havens (New Jersey), through the land of friendly people who love to eat in Hobbiton (Philadelphia and Chicago),  over the misty mountains (Rockies) to the Lonely Mountain (Mt Hood) that is protected by a fiery dragon named Smaug (I got nothing for that one), to find a treasure so massive, there is no possible way to carry it home (The Pacific Ocean).  This is no small endeavor!

I look forward to keeping you updated on the fundraising part of the trip up until June and then really get this thing rolling from June to August!  I have here this cute little thing called a blog that I will be writing periodically in to try and keep those interested ..... interested.  I am super excited to be able to have this opportunity and am excited to see how God uses this trip to impact me, the other riders, the people praying and supporting financially, the churches hosting us along the way, and the families and individuals that are looking for help with their housing situation who we get the opportunity to meet and help along the way! And all to bring God glory.  I will be taking as many pictures as possible through my training (which coincidentally involves a half ironman in may at St George) and the entirety of the trip to display this wonderful creation of a planet along the way!

 If you have any questions about the trip and how you can help or get involved, feel free to comment on the post or follow this link - Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure ! Oh and one last thing, if you look below at this trusty little map of middle earth (America) you may notice the route comes DIRECTLY through Eastern Washington and the Tri Cities. SOOOOO if you want to be cool and join me and the dwarves (they aren't small and stocky, just follow the analogy ;) ) You can join us for a day, the entire last week, or whatever your heart yeah you should do it! Remember, there is gold at the end! (not really). Alright well peace out fellas. Can't wait to write to you again and update you!

Yours truly,

If you can't see the map, feel free to click the picture to zoom! :)