Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Well it's been crazy the last month, but I finally got everything set to leave Arizona and made the drive back to Kennewick WA. It was a wonderful drive. I sent my bike before I left and it's supposed to arrive today so now I can ride around the river. yes, RIVER. So nice, having TOO much water up here (all the rivers are above flood stage) It's good to be home. Tomorrow, me and and the mother are going to Portland! If you can't tell, being home really excites me!

Yesterday I did my first training here by running up Badger Mountain. It's about a 1 mile steep path up the mountain. I used to run up it every week trying to get a better time each run. Last time my best was 12:52. Yesterday my time was 14:14 so not quite to top times yet but a good start. Getting to the top of the mountain was so majestic. There were wild flowers and wild grass everywhere and I could see the entire city.

I have sent out my last letters before I left Arizona and now I am just praying the support comes in. Once again, if you would like to support my trip to build and repair inadequate housing around the world, while biking to Denver, click on this link. I am still about 1400 dollars short with under 3 weeks to go before I have to be in Seattle. But I'm not worried. If the money comes in, then God has something great in store for me, if it doesn't, God still hasn't something great for me. It's a win win.

Thanks so much for all your prayers and support. Until next time,

Ta Ta for now