Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Portland International Airport

I am a bit of an airport snob. Ask those that know me well and have traveled with me. I always try and travel to as much of the airport as possible. See it's food, it's view, it's layout, it's convenience, it's security. I've been able to see terrible airports like O'hare, Spokane, and most of LAX (although they did have some cool food places), and I have seen great airports like Denver, the terminal part of Seattle, and Vancouver, B.C.. But my all time favorite airport has always been Portland International Airport. There is seriously nothing wrong with this airport. Whoever engineered the layout and design of this airport deserves a gold star. From the light rail that stops at the terminal and goes downtown, to the entrance that is efficiently always flowing, to the restaurants and shops before you enter security and the many after as well, to the free wifi (you hear that Atlanta, FREE), to the views of the surrounding forested areas and of Mt Hood (on a non cloudy day). There is a reason it is voted the #1 airport in America. I enjoy ranking all the airports I have been to. I am just weird like that. I embrace it. 

All that to say, that is where I am right now. Headed to Philadelphia via Salt Lake City. And you know what that means. The Fuller Center Bike Adventure 2014 from Atlantic City, NJ, to Astoria, OR, is on it's way. In just one hour I will be flying out of here to explore America and to begin spreading the mission to eliminate poverty housing to as many people, places, and churches as possible. I feel like I keep pestering people, but if you would still like to donate to that mission, you can still support my trip by helping me reach my 3,600 dollar goal. Just go to and click the donate button in the top right. I would pretty much love you forever, as well as whichever house that money goes to build. I am 1,000 dollars shy of reaching that goal and could use every drop you can afford. 

I will keep updated writings and photos along the way on this blog as I journey, so make sure to stay tuned. I am so stoked at all of the support everyone has been giving me. It feels like you will be traveling right there along with me. But of course, you wont be, because it's 3,600 miles haha. Again, I am a little crazy. 

So bring on the bike, and the miles, and the friends, and the sleeping on thermarests across church floors, and the sweat, and the paint and tools and whatever else needs to be done to the houses, and the mountains, and the cities, and the collapsing off your bike on to the grass after riding 1oo miles in crazy weather. Just bring it all on. It's go time.